petit déjeuner

I must admit that I love french toast very much:-) Perfect for saturday or sunday morning…for a long, lazy breakfast, accompanied with a cup of coffee. To my mixture I always add some cinnamon…smells… Continue reading

tic tac…tacos

My weekend has just started! Relax, mexican delish and glass of wine:-) beef tacos…              

chocolate and cherries…dream combination

I know it may be a bit late for sugar consumption ( it’s 8:25 pm in UK)…:-) but chocolate is so addictive:-) fancy a piece of chocolate cake with cherries?

fish is good

A white sea-fish like cod taste amazing with black olives crust and lentils 🙂 You will need: • olive oil •1 carrot, diced •1 onion, diced •500 g  lentils •2 bay leaves •1.5 litres… Continue reading

Eton mess

Very quick dessert. You will need only three ingredients:-) strawberries creme fraiche broken meringue   done!      


Originating in Hungary (gulyás), goulash is also a popular meal in the rest of Europe. Tasty stew of meat and vegetables, seasoned with paprika and other spices (optional). My goulash is prepared from beef… Continue reading

Duck with cranberries

Tonight we had duck with cranberries and greens:-) as we know how important is the taste of colours:-)   ps. I am trying to recreate the salad that I normally buy at M&S…rice, lentils,… Continue reading

afternoon vanilla cheesecake

Baked cheesecakes always remind me my family home. This time I followed Jamie’s Oliver recipe:     only 517 kcal per serving 😉 hmmm        

Fish stew

One of my favourite dishes:-) Simple and amazing combination of seafood and veggies. Refreshing, light and very healthy option for a sunday lunch. This stew can be made very quickly if you use… Continue reading

Spaghetti Bolognese

Who doesn’t love pasta? Personally I don’t know anyone:D Originally from China, today it is almost universally associated with Italy. You can serve it with anything you like. Tonight famous Bolognese with fresh… Continue reading